Start Bonding With Your Unborn Baby

Watch your baby grow, smile, and even yawn while they’re inside the womb. Don’t miss out on any baby cuteness just because they aren’t born yet. Thanks to YK Baby Inc you can be begin to bond with your bundle of joy sooner than you think.

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What people are saying

J B  recommends YK Baby Inc.

February 2 · 

Just had my ultrasound done. The room was so comfortable, and the dedication of the tech was amazing! He got so many great images and went above and beyond my expectations!! I can’t wait to go back again!!

T H  recommends YK Baby Inc.

February 21 · 

Was a very comfortable, welcoming experience. He went above and beyond to get what I was looking for. It’s an amazing experience to be able to watch the ultrasound on a big screen TV vs the the small screen that is barley facing you at the hospital. Excellent customer service & quick bookings. Was a very pleasant experience and would highly recommend!!!

N T  recommends YK Baby Inc.

February 23 · 

Such a great experience at both 19 and 25 weeks! Ryan is very friendly and knowledgeable with what he is doing.
We did not get to see much at the 19 week ultrasound as baby was quite small at the time but we had just wanted to confirm gender(which we did!) Ryan was happy to offer a second session to ensure that we were happy with our images which was so great.
Would recommend to anybody that is expecting and so happy to have these services available here in YK!

P D  recommends YK Baby Inc.

April 18 · 

HIGHLY RECOMMEND! My boyfriend and I were so happy we got to see/hear our baby, it was such an amazing experience. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who’s expecting, super excited for our next visit! 

S B  recommends YK Baby Inc.

April 4 · 

Such an awesome experience. The most relaxed and informative ultrasound I’ve had! Ryan took the time to try and get the best views and pics of baby possible, going back in a month in hopes she will cooperate a little better!
Highly recommend this! Worth every penny!

C B  recommends YK Baby Inc.

April 14 · 

We had our second ultrasound today with Ryan! Such an amazing experience. Ryan is very patient (with baby and family in the room and via webcam ) and informative! The ultrasound room is relaxing, comfortable, warm, and has plenty of screens to watch baby. He has an assortment of stuffed animals to keep a recording of baby’s heartbeat and his mom also knits adorable little hats! The best part is being able to have a usb stick with pictures and videos you can keep forever! Thanks again Ryan!

A B  recommends YK Baby Inc.

April 14 · 

AMAZING! We definitely recommend YK Baby!

Very comfortable and clean environment from the moment you step inside. The room is perfect! Heated bed, large viewing screens for pregnant woman and family, and warm gel!
Ryan is so friendly, informative, and dedicated to giving you the best views of your baby and explaining what you are seeing.
Our peanut was using a hand to cover face but Ryan was patient enough that eventually we got some great face views!
One of the best parts is you get to take home a USB of videos and images from your appointment!

M Z recommends YK Baby Inc.

September 25 at 6:38 PM · 

Amazing experience. Super professional and friendly service. If you want a chance to meet your little one before they arrive, this is how to do it. I have been twice and both times were wonderful. For all you expecting parents, check it out for yourselves, you will not be disappointed. 

A R  recommends YK Baby Inc.

September 4 · 

Awesome! I recommend Ryan 100%!! he was so patient and overall comforting, big screens to see what he’s seeing, got to see him twice because my little one was soo camera shy lol, heated bed and gel, so cool to see my little one before he’s even here. thanks again Ryan!!  I sooooo recommend Yk Baby Inc. !

B K recommends YK Baby Inc.

August 16 · 

Highly recommend to see Ryan for an ultrasound of baby. Our little one has been camera shy and we got a rebooking, Ryan is so patient and knowledgeable even tho baby was hiding we were still able to confirm gender! We even got a teddy bear with baby’s heartbeat for keepsake!

T G  recommends YK Baby Inc.

August 3 · 

Such a great experience!! I recommend this to everyone!! Thank you again Ryan 

C P  recommends YK Baby Inc.

November 24, 2018 · 

Very impressed with my HD ultrasound today! Technician really took the time and was able to see some great shots of baby! Glad there’s a service like this in YK. Equipment was top of the line!

H A  recommends YK Baby Inc.

October 8, 2018 · 

I had an amazing experience with YK Baby Inc and seen very amazing 2D, 3D and 4D photos of my baby. Thanks again!.

S H recommends YK Baby Inc.

August 14 · 

Wow ! We can’t recommend Ryan enough!! What an incredible experience to be able to see our baby two times with someone who is so kind, patient and knowledgeable ! Thank you Ryan for giving us such awesome experiences to make us feel even more connected to our little one! Ryan has the ability to make anyone feel at ease and comfortable which is not an easy feat and I hope all the families in YK expecting go and see him ! 

V G  recommends YK Baby Inc.

February 7 · 

Ryan was such a blessing in disguise, for moms to be who were disappointed of not knowing their baby’s gender through the hospital’s anatomy exam YK Baby is your best alternative in town. He has much cozier facility with two wide screens that will give you comfort while watching your baby moves in 4d. He is very accommodating, professional and won’t put you into rush. He make sure he gets a couple of good angles of the baby’s feature to satisfy the parents to be. Easy payment through credit card and he will give you a soft copy of the pictures and videos taken during the ultrasound, he also offers a free second session incase you were not able to see the baby’s feature clearly on the first appointment. I highly recommend YK Baby for its excellent service it is certainly worth your money….

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